[Families] Can you help a 15 year old Danish exchange student?

Birgitte Saltorp birgitte at danishchurch.vancouver.bc.ca
Mon Oct 21 07:35:54 PDT 2013

Dear friends of the church,

A 15 year old Danish boy has come to Canada on an exchange program that 
over the course of 14 months has not been able to find a family for him, 
and now he has been with a temporary family for two months. He seems to 
be a great and easy-going kid, and you can see his mother's description 
below as well as his photo attached.

If you or someone you know would be interested in taking this young boy 
into your family, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Birgitte Saltorp

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Subject: Exchange Student Holger Andreas Mauritzen
Date: 2013-10-21 07:12

Dear Birgitte Saltorp

Thank you very much for offering your kind help in our search for a 
host family and school for our son Holger. It is very much appreciated.

Below please find a brief description of Holgers situation, what it 
implies to be host family and who Holger is:

Holger is 15 years old ( turning 16 in December) and arrived to Canada 
26 August for an exchange year with Youth for Understanding ( YFU). 
Right now he lives with the Director for YFU and her family in a small 
village outside Listowill ( 3 hours drive from Toronto) and attend 
Listowill high school. It is a temporary host family until they find him 
a permanent host family. Apparently it is very difficult for them to 
find permanent host families, thus he is somehow stuck there.

The school is not as expected as they have not been able to offer 
Holger a full schedule and only a limited selection of classes. 
Furthermore, they only offer very limited other activities, which Holger 
doesn't even have the possibility to attend. It would thus be great if 
he could move to another high school.

Not really the situation we expected when we signed him up for the 
exchange program more than a year ago.

We are thus looking for both a nice host family and the possibility for 
Holger to join a good local school. If a new school requires payment we 
will of course pay for that.

In this respect please note being a host family for an exchange student 
means that the exchange student lives in the family as a member of the 
family and follow the family's traditions. The host family is thus not 
paid, but if the student e.g. is travelling with the family the students 
parents will cover the costs. Further the students parents are covering 
all expenses to sport, clothing, pocket money etc.

Holger is a happy and active boy who behaves well. He has a sister age 
18 and one age 9. He really enjoys school and is doing well. He just 
finished 9th grade in Denmark. He speaks and writes English well. He 
loves soccer, wake board( Water skiing) and snowboarding. He has been 
attending a film school once a week the last couple of years. He plays 
guitar and did play in a band with some friends. He had a job as 
assistant soccer trainer for girls age 8 till 10 in the local sports 
club before he left.

Holger had been looking very much forward to his stay as exchange 
student in Canada - to meet new people and try something new in relation 
to school and sports. Even though he is in a difficult position with 
still no permanent host family, and all the uncertainty that implies, he 
handles the situation very well.

If you still think it sounds realistic for you to look for a host 
family- and without doing to many efforts - we would be very gratefull.

I attach a picture of Holger.

  Kind regards
Nina Henningsen & Torben Mauritzen

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