[Families] Help give our kids a great time!

Birgitte Saltorp birgitte at danishchurch.vancouver.bc.ca
Wed Jun 10 21:24:43 PDT 2015

Wouldn't it be cool to become a Christian knight? Learning about some of 
the Bible heroes and how their lives and ours connect!

Over the winter we will make a program for grade school children, 
introducing them to the stories of the Bible and some of the many values 
behind them. In order to make it playful and fun I need creative hands 
and brains help me come up with ideas, so this Saturday, June 13th at 
10:00 pm young and old are welcome to join in the debate (maybe an hour) 
to make this a great experience for all.

You don't need to register, but if you have questions beforehand you are 
of course welcome to write or call. We will meet in the downstairs hall, 
entry through the east door.

I look forward to seeing you here!

Pastor Birgitte

P.S. You are of course welcome to forward this email to friends who 
might be interested.

Birgitte Saltorp

Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver
6010 Kincaid Street
Burnaby, British Columbia, V5G 4N3

pastor at danishchurch.vancouver.bc.ca
Telephone: 604-525-9894 / 604-298-6112

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