[Families] Help us celebrate our volunteers!

Birgitte Saltorp birgitte at danishchurch.vancouver.bc.ca
Thu May 26 08:40:27 PDT 2016

So many people do so many different things around the church and once a 
year we take time to celebrate that. That means that both those who have 
chipped in in and around the church AND everyone else celebrate the 
service on Sunday at 5:00 pm and share in the meal afterwards. This year 
we are not doing pot-luck but having food delivered so we don't have to 
cook on that evening - we have vegetarian options as well.

This is a time to connect or re-connect, tune in (more about that on 
Sunday) and participate in a bit of friendly competition.

Come share the fun! And if you know you are coming call the office on 
604-298-6112 - leave a message if the answering machine is on.

The very best,
Birgitte Saltorp

The Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver
6010 Kincaid Street
Burnaby, British Columbia, V5G 4N3

pastor at danishchurch.vancouver.bc.ca
Telephone: 604-525-9894 / 604-298-6112

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