[Hymns] update done

web, Danish Lutheran Church web at danishchurch.vancouver.bc.ca
Thu Jun 18 14:03:06 PDT 2009

Now the hymnnumbers mailing list should be working again.
The update was mainly to make maintenance easier for me, but there are also 
benefits for you:
You can now manage your subscription yourself at

You can unsubscribe, you can put you subscription on hold (if, say, you are 
on vacation and do not want these e-mails for a while), etc.

The System has assigned a password to you; use the password reminder 
function at the bottom of the page linked above to find out what your 
password is.  (There is no need to know the password until you actually want 
to do something to your subscription.)

web at danishchurch.vancouver.bc.ca


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