[Hymns] To Christian. Service May 29. 9 30

Claus Peter Franck clausfranck at me.com
Fri May 6 17:46:27 PDT 2011

Hi Christian .

I am looking forward to have service in Burnaby with you at the organ bench.

The two first hymns  will be  printed on a separate sheet  and marked "1" and "2".
 But  you,ll find them  in GG  as number 337 and  150 . I just want  us to  sing these two hymns in a 
better translation. If you play after the Danish KORAL BOG  you,ll find  them as No.  393 and 379.

3rd hymn : GG  204  Dearest Jesus, at Your Word ( Herre Jesus , vi er her)

4 th hymn: GG  289  Pray to God, and you,ll be heard ( Beder, og I skulle få)
5 th hymn: GG  117  Like sunrise om the purple skies ( Som forårssolen  morgenrød)

I,ll leave the sheets for you at the church  office tomorrow. 
If you are coming to Spring Dinner I,ll hand the sheet over to you.

Best regards 

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