A Sermon for Mid-Lent Sunday at the Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver, B.C.

Dt 8:1–3
2Co 9:6–11
Jn 6:1–15

We are in the middle of Lent.

And in the season of Lent a lot of people all over the world are fasting, trying to prepare themselves and get ready for Easter. But today in our bible readings nobody is fasting! Jesus is feeding people.

He feeds thousands and there are even leftovers.

The people are not asking Jesus to perform this miracle, Jesus himself encourages them to eat and to share. So maybe the season of lent is not only about fasting from food? Maybe Lent is not so much about giving up things we enjoy in life?

We already know from our everyday lives how it feels like having to give something up. We dont have to fast to know how loss feels. We all suffer from loss in our lives. We all had to give up something important to us during our lives: some lost their job or lost all their savings or even their home; some of us have suffered and lost good friends or a beloved family member or we lost our good health.

So, no need to give up the things we enjoy in life!

The things we enjoy are God given gifts! No need to give up what the Lord provides.

So maybe the season of Lent is not so much about fasting? What we can think about this season is what to feast on instead.

Make room for feasting on the good things in life.

Food is nice, but man does not live on bread alone…

We need to make room for more than food. Because we feast on more than food in our lives.

Today we hear how thousands of people are fed, but they are still hungry for more, they want to make Jesus their king.

A simple meal can be a miracle. It doesn’t take more than a simple meal to feel grateful, a meal makes you feel full…

If you hand a crying baby a toy it does not do any good if the child is hungry. You cannot stop a baby’s cry by giving her a rattle if she is hungry. She will keep on crying until her hunger is satisfied by the food her little body demands.

And it is the same with the soul. As grown ups we don’t always remember that we too are children of God and that we need to be fed too. We need to feel full.

Food is important for us, but we need more and most of us need more than a rattle or a toy to feel entertained and fulfilled... We enjoy a good movie, a good book, we can enjoy a beautiful hike or a great concert and lovely music. But the hunger of every human being cannot be satisfied apart from God.

We are surrounded by beautiful nature here, we have easy access to food and news and music and exotic vacations on small islands, our kids can go to school and Canada is again and again voted one of the best places in the world to live. Still so many people feel depressed, so many feel stressed; lots of people feel like they are left out or they feel that they are not good enough. Or people feel their life has no purpose at all.

Trying to fill that void with food and fun and sports and entertainment is good for us, but still we need to make room for God too.

We need our souls to be enriched and our minds to be enlightened.

Trust in the Lord to enrich your soul, let Christ fill us with more than bread, let God encourage you and inspire you so that we are full and fulfilled with grace and hope.

Today Jesus encourages us to eat and share. Share our God given gifts and make room for his good words. If we share a meal with God, there will even be leftovers to share whit others.

God wants us to make room for more; so, let us consider what we feast on this season of Lent.

Consider what can make you feel full.

Let the good Lord enrich you not only from head to toe, but from head to soul!

Now we have all heard it so onward then in the name of Jesus!