A Sermon for 11th Sunday after Trinity at the Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver, B.C.

Dt 30:15–20
Ro 10:4–13, [14–17]
Lk 7:36–50

Today the Lord is teaching us the consequences of the law.

And he teaches us an example to follow, so now we are all invites to a dinner at the house of a pharisee: Luke 10,4f

This is the word of the Lord!

I think we all appreciate that the good Lord watered his plants last night!

It has been really hot, and we have all heard the news about fires in some parts of the country and massive flooding in other parts…

All our sympathy and prayers go out to those thousands of people affected by wildfire and evacuation orders!

And all that damage and danger makes people wonder; what is going on, is the climate changing?

Do we have something with that and what can we do?

Try new energy sources? How do we solve these major issues in nature?

All these dramatic pictures of fire-nados and increasing heat and now news about flooding ravaging the city of Toronto and we all know how the ice is melting at the poles; and what can we do?

Can we do something on a daily basis; like what if all became vegans or just cut back on steaks and bacon?

Or how can we reduce our own emission of CO2? I think that this is something a lot of people are wondering about these days.

I saw a Danish interview this week with a British climate expert and the journalist asked him: Did you have a pleasant flight from London?

And the British climate expert answered: I don’t fly!

I haven’t been flying since 2004! Those of us who are genuinely concerned about climate change must demonstrate that we can live reasonable lives in modern society without unreasonably high emissions of CO2!

Well, I fly, and I just love driving in my car, I do eat meat too…

And I have seriously considered buying a huge electric fan this week!

I am a terrible sinner! What can I do?

Yesterday I sat in downtown watching the harbour flights wondering if it would be fun to fly in a little waterplane like that to Vancouver Island some day…

And I did enjoy watching the news from the Abbotsford airshow and I even prayed for the 5 people injured after the crash.

And I did not considerer myself a CO2 emission sinner!

However; what can we do? Climate change seems real and how do we deal with a serious problem like that?

Do we point our fingers at people who doesn’t carpool and those people who take long baths instead of short showers?

Or do we give up, resign; thinking: it doesn’t matter anyway!

Jesus has an alternative suggestion for us today.

He suggests we start somewhere else; his concerns are not the climate change outside, but the indoor climate.

Jesus asks us all today to consider the indoor environment.

How can we handle nature with respect and care if we cannot handle each other with respect, caring about one another; showing each other some TLC!

The indoor climate at this dinner Jesus is attending is certainly not good.

We have at least one sinner present.

And that poor woman we meet, she is so full of love and affection and she pours it all out on Jesus.

But a man points his finger at her!

All he sees is sin and trouble.

He can’t or won’t see that this woman is trying to change the climate with love; he can not see how she is pouring her heart out.

Everyday I see people pointing especially their middle finger… I hear people shouting at each other in traffic. Everyday we all hear the news about people getting shot or molested.

We see plastic cups thrown everywhere when we go hiking and I don’t stop to pick them up, I just complain about those vandals who ruin our nature.

Today we are reminded that words and curses can sting and burn like a wildfire; but a flood of tears and kisses can be more soothing than summer rain.

Which is better? To be righteous and concerned or to show some tender loving care?

The bible gives us a hint this morning:

I call heaven and earth to witness against you today that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Choose life! So that you and your descendants may live, loving the Lord your God, obeying him, and holding on to him!

We have a choice, we can choose between blessings and curses.

Today the Lord reminds us to take a long good look at our selves and see which is the focus in our lives is together.

How do we affect the indoor climate? Do we curse, or do we bless?

What are our choices in life?

There is no doubt about what the good Lord himself chooses; He favours kisses and tears!

And He even forgives sins!

Now we have all heard it, so onward then in the name of Jesus!