A Comparison of the Weather in Denmark and Vancouver, B.C.


Temperature chart
The average daytime high and overnight low (in degrees Celsius) in Denmark and Vancouver.

The average daytime high is about 2.7°C higher in Vancouver than in Denmark around the year. The average overnight low is similarly lower in Denmark—especially in the winter.


Precipitation chart
The average precipitation (in mm) in Denmark and Vancouver.

Total rainfall is a lot larger in Vancouver (1200mm) than in Denmark (712mm). However, the rain in Denmark is spread more or less evenly throughout the year while Vancouver is actually dryer than Denmark in the summer months.


Sunshine chart
The average number of hours of bright sunshine in Denmark and Vancouver.

Vancouver has many more hours of sunshine than Denmark: 1928 hours against 1496 hours, about 29% more. Vancouver is sunnier than Denmark around the year but especially the summer months are dry, sunny, and reliable.


Wind speed chart
The average wind speed (in m/s) in Denmark and Vancouver.

Denmark is a lot more windy than Vancouver—about 83% more.

The combination of higher temperatures, more sunshine, and less wind makes Vancouver weather a lot more comfortable despite the larger total rainfall.