Errata for the second edition of Grant me, God, the Gift of Singing

Should you find more errors, please, please, let me know. You may also want to look at the list of comments.

Page v: The printer moved the Preface to the Second Edition to page vi; the entry in the Table of Contents is therefore wrong. [2001/12/30]

Page x: Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and Prince Henrik’s Foundation also provided financial support for the publication of the second edition. Unfortunately, word of the foundation’s support arrived too late to be mentioned in the printed hymnal.

Hymn 7, stanza 5, line 4: “loosing” should be “losing”. [2010/6/27]

Hymn 14: The Danish title is Nu takker alle Gud. [2003/3/2]

Hymn 13, bar 10 (the first bar on the second page): The a-sharp in the soprano should be an a-natural. That is, \sh f\sh h should be \lsh f\na h.

Hymn 23, the copyright notice for the text should have read: © Text copyright 1939, 1966 by E. C. Schirmer Music Company, a division of ECS Publishing, Boston, MA. Used by permission. [2001/11/7]

Hymn 16, the third last bar: The last soprano note should be stem-up. [2007/10/24]

Hymn 37, stanza 3, line 1: Capitalise “your”. [2004/7/25]

Hymn 70: The Danish title is En sød og liflig klang. [2006/12/8]

Hymn 97, stanza 5: The text printed with the music should not be a repeat of the refrain but identical to the text printed below the music. [2002/3/24]

Hymn 211, stanza 5, line 2: “draw” should be “draws”. [2002/1/13]

Hymn 218, stanza 4, line 3: Should “man” be “men” to agree with “their hearts” in the next line? [2002/9/29]

Hymn 223, stanza 11, line 4: “With” should not be capitalised. [2001/10/28]

Hymn 225, stanza 2, line 2: Capitalise “bethink”. [2007/11/14]

Hymn 335, bar 9: The tenor note should be a b rather than a g. [2019/10/11]

Hymn 343, stanza 2, line 1: “loosing” should be “losing”. [2010/6/27]

Hymn 352, second bar: The hyphens in “heav’n-ly” and “an-cient” are missing. This error cannot happen. [2008/1/21]

Hymn 356, stanza 3, line 7: Capitalise “your”. [2005/10/05]

Hymn 362: Before the next printing, we should compare the arrangement (and pitch) with the arrangement of St. Clement in the United Methodist Hymnal. [2002/7/28]

Page 382: MusixTeX no longer has a home page since it has been superseded by Lilypond.