Translations of Danish Hymns on the Net

These are all the English translations of Danish hymns on the net that we are aware of. If you have more, please let me know. If you miss a translation that used to be listed here, it is because it has disappeared from the net.

Den signede dag med fryd vi ser by N.F.S. Grundtvig
O day full of grace, a composite of translations by O.H. Smeby, G.A.T. Rygh, and C. Døving.
Det er så yndigt at følges ad by N.F.S. Grundtvig
It is delightful to share a road translated by Folmer E. Johansen and Mogens Lemvig Hansen.
Det kimer nu til julefest by N.F.S. Grundtvig
The happy Christmas comes once more translated by Charles P. Krauth.
Er du modfalden kære ven by N.F.S. Grundtvig
Are you downhearted, dearest friend translated by Mogens Lemvig Hansen.
Foragter ej de ringe dage by N.F.S. Grundtvig
Do not despise the days of small things translated by Mogens Lemvig Hansen.
Fred hviler over land og by by B.S. Ingemann
The country lies in deep repose translated by P.C. Paulsen and Mogens Lemvig Hansen.
Gak under Jesu kors at stå by Thomas Kingo
Come under Jesus’ cross to stand translated by Mark DeGarmeaux.
Hører til, I høje himle by Thomas Kingo
O ye highest heavens, listen translated by Mark DeGarmeaux.
I blev skabt som mand og kvinde by Johs. Johansen
You were made as male and female translated by Folmer E. Johansen.
Ingen højhed, ingen ære by Thomas Kingo
There’s no honour and no highness translated by Mark DeGarmeaux.
Jert hus skal I bygge på by J. Paulli
Your home must be founded translated by P.C. Paulsen.
Julen har bragt velsignet bud by B.S. Ingemann
Christmas brings joy to every heart, an anonymous translation.
Kirken den er et gammelt hus by N.F.S. Grundtvig
Built on the Rock the church doth stand translated by by Carl Døving and Fred C. M. Hansen.
Kærlighed fra Gud by J.N.L. Schjørring
Love from God, our Lord translated by J.C. Aaberg.
Længe haver Satan spundet by Thomas Kingo
Long has Satan long been spinning translated by Mark DeGarmeaux.
Mørket skjuler jorderige by Thomas Kingo
Darkness covers every nation translated by Mark DeGarmeaux.
O Jesus, du al nådens væld by Thomas Kingo
O Jesus, source of love and care translated by Mogens Lemvig Hansen.
O store Gud, din kærlighed by Thomas Kingo
Thy love, O gracious Lord and God translated by G.A.T. Rygh.
Over Kedron Jesus træder by Thomas Kingo
Over Kedron Jesus treadeth translated by J. Jeffrey and Mark DeGarmeaux.
Rettens spir det alt er brækket by Thomas Kingo
Staff of justice now is broken translated by Mark DeGarmeaux.
Vågn op og slå på dine strenge by Thomas Kingo
Wake up and let your strings be sounding translated by Mogens Lemvig Hansen.

For more Danish hymns, have a look at the hymnal Grant me, God, the Gift of Singing. The translations found in Grant me, God, the Gift of Singing are often better than those available for free on the net.

You may also want to consult this list of hymns used in Denmark that are easily available in English (or German) translation. Easily available here means published (for example in Grant me, God, the Gift of Singing) but not necessarily available on the net.