The Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver, B.C.

Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver

The Danish Church in Burnaby, Vancouver is a traditional Danish church and we are proud of our Danish heritage and Scandinavian roots.

Most Danes and Scandinavians in BC speak English and so do we, so if your ancestors came here a long time ago and you cannot remember the language, or if you do not have Danish roots at all, don’t worry. Everybody is welcome!

The Danish Church started out as an immigrant church in the 1920s, and now we are a church with Scandinavian roots in a Canadian setting. We still speak Danish at some of our services and functions, but as many of our members are Canadian raised, most functions are now in English.

We ensure all members of our community are treated equally and with respect.

We Want You In Our Community

These years a lot of Danes are working in Canada on a contract or they come here for a variety of reasons to stay only for a few years; please do not hesitate to visit our church during your stay and we will welcome you in our congregation. Let us now if you need help getting settled or if you feel homesick.

In our church you can celebrate Fastelavn with your kids, celebrate your love and get married, or you can just come by on a Sunday for breakfast and the service.

Many different activities take place downstairs in the Church Hall with adjacent Sunday School Room and kitchen. Auxiliary groups meet, we have bazaars, fund raising dinners, concerts, movie nights, Lucia just to mention a few of the many possibilities.

See news and coming events and read more about our history here on this website or follow us Facebook.

However, what is most important is our common fellowship in Christ and that we all share the same faith and hope.

You may wonder what is so special about that? Come visit and we will let you know!

God bless.