Pastor’s Report, 2006

Pastor Kristoffersen We stepped into the year 2005 introducing a new “tradition.” Instead of having a morning service on January  1st, we had an afternoon service at 4pm, a joint service with Granly, with both pastors officiating, and after the service we went downstairs for a piece of kransekage and a glass of wine. During the service we collected donations for the victims of the Tsunami disaster in South East Asia, and the federal government showed their good will and doubled the amount.

In the year 2005 we have had the pleasure of having two volunteers over from Denmark. In mid January Laura, a student of theology came over for 3 months and was a great benefit for the church, helping out both as a deacon, as the secretary’s helper, and as the pastor’s assistant, and a couple of times she took over the role as a pastor, when she held a sermon in the Church. Also downstairs she was very I much a part of all the activities and was a pleasure to have in our midst.

In late summer Mathias, a new student, came over and worked as a volunteer, part time for the church and part time for Dania. He too showed a lot of good spirit and a willingness to help, and he was a great support for Flemming indoors as a deacon, as well as outdoors, keeping the lawn free of autumn leaves. Also Bodil found a really steady and very efficient right hand in Mathias, and he was well liked by all. It is truly one of the pleasures being an immigrant church to have these young people coming over and stay for a while, bringing a pair of working hands, as well as a breath of fresh air and new inspiration to the congregation. We must be grateful for that!

2005 has been a year of heavy decisions on my part. My wife and I have decided to move back to Denmark, and as the job opportunities in Denmark appear right now, it looks as if the moving date will be by the end of June this year. In October we had an important visit by the President and the Secretary General of DSUK to have talks with both the board, the pastor and the congregation. The board and DSUK are in full swing finding a new pastor after me. Birgitte and I want to express our thanks to all the warm and supportive people, that we have met within the congregation, and we wish all the best for the future of the Danish Church.

Søren Kristoffersen, Pastor.