Pastor’s Report, 2007

Pastor Toftdahl What is a successful church?

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All these features are clearly inspired by the way Jesus outlined his fellowship with the disciples. Apart from that, a church in our day and age has to deal with more prosaic things such as buildings and funding. If we were not doing a good job on that, we would soon be out of business. So—are we a successful church?

I think we are!

Lots of things are going on in our church, some for the benefit of others, such as the LUMS breakfasts, others for fund raising, such as the bazaar and the Spring Tea and Bake Sale, and others again just for the fun of it, like Fastelavn or Lucia. A lot of people spend a lot of time and energy on the activities of our church, and that in itself is a blessing! Every Sunday we have our service which reminds us of the aim and purpose of it all: honouring Christ and listening over and over again to His word, for comfort and peace, for inspiration and challenge in our lives. We are so blessed to have things to do, for one another in our community, and for others who need our help.

I have been a pastor here for 7 months now, and I must say that I appreciate working with you! In every function there are people who are committed to the work and to the church. It is wonderful to be part of a team like this, and I am sure that our church is important not only to those who come often, but also to others who may not have the opportunity to do so at this time. Our church receives support from across the province, and it is a blessing that we are here and open to everybody.

A few statistics: In 2006, we had 33 services in English, with an average attendance of 76. We had 23 Danish services with average 47 in attendance. Over the year, we had 13 baptisms, 2 were confirmed, 8 weddings, and 10 funerals/memorial services.

Time and again our church hall is full of people. We are blessed!

Bodil Toftdahl, Pastor.