The President’s Report, 2001

Thank you to all members and friends of our church for support in the past year. It has been another busy year with all the usual events. Thank you to the three Ladies Auxiliaries, the Open House Committee, and to the Men for their work to raise funds for the church, and for the pleasure they give to all who come and enjoy the dinners, the events for the children, the Open House evenings, the Rummage Sales, the Movie Nights, the Lunches, and now also sometimes a breakfast. We thank all volunteers. On Sundays the deacons have the flags raised and everything is ready for the church service. Someone form the flower list has arranged fresh flowers on the altar. Thank you to the bell ringer, to our organist, the church choir, our Sunday School teacher and helpers. Thank you ladies for the historical displays. Thank you to the printers of the newsletter, and to all who help with the mailing eleven times a year. Thank you to our janitor, and thank you Alex for keeping the grounds so tidy. Thank you to Pastor Glud and Dee for the past year. The good attendance at Sunday services must be due to the good sermons.

We have held twelve board meetings. Two work parties where many came to help with Spring and Fall cleaning Much needed work has been done in the front yard and the back yard at the parsonage. Maintenance has been done at the church during the year. One of the highlights in year 2000 was the introduction of Grant me, God, the Gift of Singing, our new English hymnbook, it is beautiful. We had a brief visit of a Senior’s Group from Denmark. We had a bus load of visitors from the Danish Club in Victoria, we invite you to do that again. Some long time members of the church have passed away, we miss them. Some of the members are in Nursing Homes, we think about you and thank you for all the work you did for the church.

This is my last report as president, the four years have gone by quickly. Thank you to all board members and alternates during these four years, it has been a pleasure working with you.

We have now for year 1998, 1999 and year 2000 been able to pay all expenses for the church and the Pastor’s salary. At DKU’s office in Odense, they are just as pleased as we are, that this is possible.

To everyone we reach through the newsletter: Thank you for your donations during the year.

Sincerely, on behalf of the Church Board.

Solvejg Nielsen, President.