The President’s Written Report, 2002

Knud Nielsen Another year has passed, and it has been a busy year, and a very good year for our Church, thanks to the tremendous support the Church is getting from every one.

The first job the new Board took on was finishing the east wall of the Church with drywall and paint. We have installed 3 inspection doors, so that way we can come back and monitor the moisture level. So far it looks good. We have also installed bigger gutters and more down pipes to drain the tremendous amount of water that comes off the roof away from the building.

Inside the Church you will note, that the Alter and the Pulpit have been painted. We have also had 6 new pews made. The 4 chairs up by the Alter have been reupholstered with hand embroidered material matching the Alter rug. Many ladies spent hours to do this embroidering. We have purchased new candleholders for the pews, and if you take a look, you will notice that they can also double as vases for flowers. We are very fortunate, to have a member of the congregation, whose family was involved in the making of the original crosses that are on the pews and who has the original template at home, so we were able to get 6 new crosses made for the new pews.

We held 2 work parties last year and they were very well attended. All the regular cleaning jobs were done; thanks to Alex there was not much to do outside. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Alex for the great job he has done over the years. Alex is moving, and we have to find a new volunteer to look after the grounds.

The board held 11 board meetings during the year, and I would like to thank the Board members for their dedication and hard work. A special thank you to Bodil, our treasurer, who has to leave the Board after 4 years of service.

An Alpha course was started last year and it now has evolved into a bible study group, and a new Alpha course was started this year. It is wonderful to see all the different activities in our Church.

As you can see in the financial statement, the different support groups have been working hard throughout the year, and have raised a lot of money. Without you we would not survive. We thank you, and look forward to working with you for the continued growth of our Church.

I would like to thank the group of people who look after the Sunday service. The Bell ringers, the Deacons, the Flag raisers and the coffee makers, these are jobs a lot of people take for granted, but if some one did not do them we would miss it. So a big thank you goes out to all of you.

In closing I would like to say thank you to Kai and Dee for their tireless work for our Church, and a special thank you to Kai for the many sermons that give us something to think about, not just as we are walking out of the Church, but also in our daily lives.

Knud Nielsen, President.

The President’s Oral Report, 2002

You have all read my report in the Church paper I hope, so I will not go through that again but I have a few more things to share with you. First you remember we approved a second printing of Grant me, God, the Gift of Singing at last AGM. Larsen Printing offered to print 1000 books and bill us for 500 now and the rest when we need them. In the mean time, two of Larsen’s bigger accounts have stopped paying their bills, which left them with a temporary cash flow problem, that is the reason why we will be asking you later for permission to transfer $19000 from restricted funds to pay the bill now. But to alleviate part of the problem in February, the board decided to transfer the $6000 that came in from the sale of the 200 books to Los Angeles to Larsen’s printing. I know that was beyond the budget, but Kate and Jørgen are members of the church and have always given the Church good service, so we felt it was the right thing to do, I hope you will back the board in this decision.

Second item I would like to talk about is the early service, it seems that most people do not like the 9.30 time or they forget to check the paper when we have an early service. So I would like your opinion on trying to change our service so it would be the same time always, maybe 10.00am if it works for Granly or keep 10.30 but when the pastor has to be booth places start at Granly at 9.00 am with communion, and in here 10.45 without communion, or we can keep communion and finish at 11.45. That way if you forget to check the paper you only have to wait 15 minutes

Last but not least we still have a water problem in the east wall it was discovert a few weeks ago, we are still trying to decide what to do about it, it appears to be leaking in a crack in the plaster where the new and old meet from the last repair job, but it is about 35 feet up so we have a little problem getting up there. There is also a problem with the flashing in the valley between the office part and the church it self. I will let Poul Erik talk about possible solutions to this problems.

Knud Nielsen, President.