The President’s Written Report, 2004

Knud Nielsen Once again it is time to sit down and write another annual report. We have had a very busy year, it started out a little slow, we were running behind in the finances, but we finished up over the top.

It is so wonderful to see Church and Sunday school attendance up, considering that there is always talk about how can we continue to function when there are so few immigrating here from Denmark But it looks like we will be here for many years to come.

Among the many projects completed this year, was the installment of a new bell clapper for our church bell. I think it makes the bell sound much better and we are still planning to open up the ceiling above the organ and build a duct up to the bell. That way we will be able to hear the sound with out using the electronic sound system.

The pipe organ is now in it’s place and performing beautifully thanks to the endless hours and financial effort of Steen Larsen.Thank you Steen, and to all who have generously contributed to the organ fund.

Our memorial walk is finished and the dedication ceremony will be the first Sunday in March. A special thank you to Poul Erik Rasmussen, Flemming Christiansen and all the other helpful labourers for their endless hours, in all kind of weather, to complete this lovely walk. We already have received a number of orders.

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge our board members for their dedication and hard work, it is not an easy task to keep things running smoothly and hire a new pastor all at the same time. A special thank you to Dorrit Larsen and Mogens Lemvig Hansen; who have both served for four years now and unfortunately therefore cannot be re-elected.

I know I have singled out a few by name, and that is always dangerous, there are so many volunteers working so hard to keep our church going that the list is quite endless. But thank you all for your tireless devotion and efforts and know that without you we would not have this special place to worship.

This will be the last AGM for Kai and Dee as our pastoral charges. Luckily we won’t have to say goodbye, they will be staying in the area and therefore able to remain members of our church.

I would like to take this opportunity with some very fond memories to say thank you to Kai for his years here in Vancouver as our pastor You have truly left your mark in the Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver.

All the very best Kai and Dee in your retirement.

Knud Nielsen, President.