The President’s Written Report, 2005

Knud Nielsen It is time to write my last annual report. Another four years as president of the Church Board has gone by, time flies when you are having fun, it is interesting to look back and see what we have accomplished.

The Memorial Walk was one of my pet projects, and I would like to extend a sincere thank you to every one who was involved in building this walk. It would never have become a reality without your help. I feel it has been very well received by the congregation, and we continue to receive inquiries regarding the plaques.

The pipe organ has now been in use for a year, and very soon we will have the last pipes installed, thanks to Steen Larsen and his crew. We are looking forward to listen to the new sound from the completed organ.

The water damage repairs are progressing, thanks to the B.C. Gaming Commission, which gave us $20000.00 towards the job. Poul Erik Rasmussen has worked very hard and it seems he has found what the problem is, and now it is a matter of going through the building once more and hopefully fixing the leaks once and for all. That is why you see the scaffolding going up different places.

One of the highlights of 2004 was the arrival of Pastor Søren Kristoffersen and Birgitte Osmark. Pastor Kai Glud and Dee had decided to retire. The board spent a great deal of time on the selection process. Welcome to Søren and Birgitte, we hope you will have some memorable years as our pastor.

I would like to say thank you to the Board for their dedication and hard work during the year, we have had a few extra meetings, and all of you were always ready to give a hand when it was needed. Thank you to John, Poul Erik and Grethe for the time you have served on the board. Thank you to Flemming for taking over while I was recovering from my surgery.

Is Greater Vancouver too large an area for one pastor? Unless you are that pastor, it is a difficult question to answer. I am asking this question now because; if we here in Burnaby just sit back and enjoy our Church as it is. We might one day find that greater Vancouver is too big for one pastor. That is the reason that the two Church Boards have struck a committee to explorer different possibilities regarding our two societies. The end result might be one society with two pastors. We do envision a transmission period for as long as needed with services in both Churches. Eventually reducing services to one Church as the need for two diminishes. At this point we have only begun to talk and no decisions have been made. We have however increased our joint functions, such as having joint Confirmations classes, Bible Marathon and Bible study. We are also now sending Granly’s news letter at the same time as ours, that way they get the same bulk rate as we get. A lot more talk has to take place, and maybe nothing will come out of it, but we have to try. DSUK has indicated that they will stand behind us what ever the outcome,, in other words they are not going to dictate to us what to do, it is up to us to find a solution that everyone is happy with.

This will be my last annual report, and it is time that Doris and I step back and let some new energy take over. That goes for the Board, the New Auxiliary, Open House, and Men’s Dinner. We need some time to recharge our batteries.

Knud Nielsen, President.