The President’s Written Report, 2006

Kirsten Pelck Hansen 2005 is gone, my first year as chairman of the board…a report is due to all members and supporters of the Church.

We have many to say thank you to for maintaining the Danish Church in Burnaby. All of you who so generously support the Church financially. The three auxiliaries. The many committees. The abundance of volunteers who arrange all the many events that we enjoy during the year. A special thank you goes to the secretary Bodil Nielsen, the organist Janet Mowatt, the janitor Dorrit Larsen, and last but not least our Præstepar, Birgitte and Søren for serving the Church. Søren and Birgitte will soon leave us to go back to Denmark. We wish you the best for your future. Thank you to the Board members for attending the regular meetings plus all the extra meetings we had in 2005.

Vice president Flemming Christiansen and Alternate Tage Nancke are both stepping down, you have done a great job, thank you.

We have a beautiful Danish Church. How long can we keep it? As long as we all keep supporting our Church. As long as we are a branch of DSUK who, even if we have pledged to pay all expenses connected to have a Danish minister sent over here, still help us financially by paying part of the ministers moving expenses, airline tickets etc..

At present the Board is preparing to select a new pastor, we will do our best to choose a person well qualified, to cope with the job of being a pastor for an immigrant Church.

In 2005 some of our members, friends and supporters died. Ære være deres Minde. Please keep on supporting your church so we can keep on enjoying the main objective of a Danish Lutheran church which to celebrate the Sunday Services and administer the Sacraments, Important to us is also to be able to teach our Christian faith in the Sunday school, and to the confirmands.

Kirsten Pelck Hansen, President.