The President’s Report, 2007

Kirsten Pelck Hansen It has been an enriching experience to serve as president of the Church. I could not have done it without the support from the rest of the board and their willingness to attend the abundance of extra board meetings necessary in 2006. Thank you all.

A special thank you to Annette and Jack who both are leaving the board after serving four years.

We like to say thank you to all our members and supporters of our church for financial support and express our appreciation for the tremendous amount of work done by the auxiliaries and other volunteers. it is because all these people give their time and skills that we have a Danish Church for which we are truly grateful. On August 15th our Church has its 70th birthday so let us all celebrate this old but vital Church. There will be many special events during the year culminating with a Festgudstjeneste and a gala dinner.

The highlight of the year was the arrival of Pastor Bodil Toftdahl. We hope she will have some memorable years as pastor for our Church.

We are many different groups of Danes who want to keep our Danish Church; some come very often, some once in a while and some we rarely see. But for all of us it is our Danish Church which we support to the best of our abilities. We happily share it with our Nordic brothers and sisters. During the year there were one Norwegian, two Swedish and twelve Finnish services plus a Swedish Lucia fest.

Kirsten Pelck Hansen, President.