The President’s Report, 2008

Flemming Christiansen Realising that a New Year had begun, it dawned on me, that it was time to think back on the happenings during the past year. So many memories comes back, but they are all more or less jumbled up, and I decided to go back and look into the old newsletters in order to straighten things up.

It was not long after our last AGM, when we learned that our former Pastor Kai Glud, had become stricken with cancer, that in itself was not a good omen. We had kept Kai in mind for filling in, whenever it would become necessary. We kept up the good hope that it would be something, that could be cured. Unfortunately it was real bad, and Kai Glud succumbed to the sickness only a few months later. When we had our last Kom sammen eftermiddag of the season, we decided to make a visit to Kai and Dee at their home on the sunshine coast. They were both happy to see all of us, and the afternoon went well. The only one, who didn’t have a chair to sit on was Dee, but she enjoyed the outing as well as we did.

On the first Sunday in May we had the usual flag parade, in memory of the ending of the second world war in Europe. That is one day, when memories comes back to haunt some of us old-timers, who had been doing some rather crazy things during that war.

The yearly North American DSUK pastor convention was this year held in Canmore and Calgary in the Province of Alberta. Our Pastor Bodil Toftdahl and our Vice President Jens Brøndum attended the week long get together, and reports from there were published in this newsletter. The following week, the attention was on our sister church Granly in Surrey. Most of the Pastors, who had attended the convention in Alberta, including the newly appointed Bishop Steen Skovsgård, were now here close to us. The reason for that get together was that Morten Christiansen was being ordained as a pastor.

A long time member of our church had been missing a bench along the memorial walk. His name is Harald Thomsen, he donated money, and with the help of Poul Erik Rasmussen and Steen Larsen we now have a bench from where the memorial walk can be viewed.

In July we enjoyed The Royal Conservatory’s Children’s Choir from Copenhagen, Denmark. What a lively performance that was. There were 54 children singing. They arrived during the morning service; they were all so quiet, we didn’t even hear them arrive. The concert began with the children coming into the Sanctuary humming a very quiet tune. When they, after having entertained us for a long time, they light as feathers danced their way out. We had our usual monthly church lunch on that Sunday; but our visitors were served hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, drinks and ice cream. That was a lovely visit from Denmark. We gave thanks to our Auxiliaries for that catering to our visitors.

Then came the big day in the month of August. Our church’s 70 anniversary. For that occasion we had greetings from far and wide. Well wishes from almost everybody, who had been part of the church and still alive. I just have to mention that this was the last time we heard Kai Glud speaking. He still at that time had his loud and clear voice; he talked about the two loves in his life, our church and his wife Dee, who both happened to be 70 years old at that time. Unfortunately this would be the last time we heard Kai Glud speak, regretfully he passed away just a few weeks later. Space prevents me from elaborating too much on that event.. The September newsletter came out with colour pictures from the 70 years anniversary. The next day, Sunday, a special festive sermon was held.

At Thanksgiving we had Randers Bykor entertaining us. Another festive day at our church.

One morning in early November we discovered that our sundial had been stolen. To prevent any further items going missing we took all the Memorial Plaques inside, until we can have them secured better. At the time of writing this, some of the plaques have again been placed outside, soon they all will be out. Again we give thanks to Poul Erik Rasmussen for doing a great job.

For the service on All Saints Day, the first Sunday in November, we had taken all the plaques out and had candles burning at every plaque. Something we plan to do every year. At the same time I can say that those candles also were out for the Christmas Evening services.

November 11th, 2007, happened to be the second Sunday of the month, our lunch Sunday. After the flag celebration at Dania Home, everybody came to the church at had lunch.

In early December we had an evening with Syng Julen ind. That was the very same day, when father winter decided to pay us the first sign of winter. It was a miserable day, and for that reason not many showed up, but as the previous year, we had an enjoyable time. At the time our yearly Christmas Concert, the weather was much better, and we had an almost full church on that evening.

Then came the bombshell. David Thomas, who had been a rather regular visitor at the parsonage for some time, proposed to our Pastor Bodil Toftdahl. The proposal was accepted, and an engagement party was held the following Sunday in the lower church hall after Sunday service. Congratulations were in order from everybody.

This year we did not have a New Year Service, simply because our Pastor at that time was in Denmark visiting her four daughters, and other family members. Our Pastor is back with us now, but without the groom. We have been promised that David will be coming back.

On the last weekend of January, we had our first rummage sale of the year. We all agreed that the turnout seemed to be low compared to earlier rummage sales, but the end result was very good.

If I have forgotten to mention a few happenings, it’s because of lack of space.

Flemming Christiansen, President.