The President’s Report, 2013

Knud Nielsen Another year has gone by, and it is time to reflect back on the year past.

It has been a busy year. We started in May when Bodil Toftdahl , David, Doris and I attended DSUK’s convention in Argentina. It was a very interesting trip, to meet the members of the churches in Argentina, and see firsthand how hard they work to keep their churches going, and how they work to keep their Danish heritage alive. They don’t speak much Danish any more, but they have a very strong connection to Denmark.

On May 28th it was time for Bodil and David to return to Denmark, so we were faced with the sad task of having a goodbye service on May 27th. It was a sad and happy day, we have really enjoyed having Bodil and David here for six years, but it was time for Bodil to get home to the grandchildren.

August 15th we celebrated our 75th anniversary with a great dinner; we brought in a caterer so everybody could sit down and enjoy the evening. Domprovst Jens Arendt and Mrs Solvejg came over to officiate, and Jens was the keynote speaker for the evening. It was followed by a special church service Sunday morning. It was a very memorable weekend.

During the summer Pastors Morten Larsen and Willy Olesen worked hard looking after the Sunday services and other church related business. The Board got busy advertising and interviewing candidates for the job as our pastor.

The end result was that on September 16, Bishop Steen Skovsgaard came over to install Pastor Birgitte Saltorp as our new pastor. It was a very festive Sunday, with flags and procession of pastors and a full church. I think I can safely say that Pastor Birgitte has settled in, and is doing a great job, and everyone is happy and looking forward to many good and happy years for the Danish church.

After 2½ years of hard work and a lot of fund raising, I am happy to report that our construction project is now completed. That said, we will probably never be totally finished, there will always be something to fix or repair. But we can all stand with our head held high and give each other a pad on the back. We took on a project to the tune of $300 000 and we completed it in 2½ years and raised the money to pay for it. When all the bills are paid, we will be about $13 000 into the line of credit. It goes to show how great the love and support the congregation and the Danish community at large has for the church.

On behalf of the church thank you so much for your support. We have not done any fund raising or direct request for funds the last year, but if you think it would be nice to get rid of the line of credit as quick as possible now would be a good time to make an extra donation.

Knud Nielsen, President.