The President’s Report, 2015

Knud Nielsen It is time for another annual report. This year we are holding our AGM on a Sunday afternoon, I hope that will bring more members out; we won’t have to drive in the dark.

It has been a good year. We have finished off many of the project that has been going on over the last 3-4 years. Most notably the painting of the church, it was badly needed and it looks very good now.

Last October we celebrated the church building’s 30th birthday with a special church service followed by lunch with speeches and entertainment. DSUK Secretary General Margith Pedersen was visiting and brought us greetings from Denmark.

The estate of Marie and Vigo Larsen has been settled and the lawyer has deposit $160.000 on our account at DSUK. We have not transferred wages to Denmark since July, but every month we transfer that amount to the building account. Which is the account that paid for the painting of the church and the other improvements we have done over the years. The line of credit is paid off, and as the Pastors wages are transferred to the building account every month we will do the projects we are going to vote on at the AGM.

We managed to fulfill the budget for 2014. Thanks to the generous support of the congregation. I think it is important over the next 2-3 years that we remember that the inheritance from Marie and Vigo Larsen was given to us for improvement to the church and not daily upkeep. It gives us an opportunity to do things like new windows and furniture, which would be very difficult to do with out the extra money.

So I hope that even with the money sitting in Denmark you will continue to support the church the same way you have done over the last 75 years..

This is my last report. I would like to say thank you to the congregation and the Danish community at large for the great support and encouragement you have given to the board. I have enjoyed working for the church the past 4 years; it has been very interesting with all the projects going on.

Thank you to Mogens Gade for serving as an alternate. Thank you to the board for your interest and hard work, it has been a pleasure working with you. Thank you to Pastor Birgitte for your sermons, your leadership and your ability to keep us all in line. Thank you to all the volunteers, your hard and dedicated work is what keeps the Danish Lutheran church going.

Knud Nielsen, President.