The President’s Report, 2016

Jørgen Rohweder I am pleased to present my first report as president of the Church Board.

We have had a busy year with upgrading of our facilities, which will be covered in detail by other board members in their reports later. That was all based on the resolutions made at the last AGM, and I think that we can be pleased with the results.

We had the great fortune that a generous donor gave us $50,000 last year in memory of his late wife, and that is certainly helping our finances. We are truly blessed.

On the first Sunday in May we had our traditional Flag Day, and it was a festive service as usual. It was also a poignant reminder of the end of the 2nd World War, 70 years ago.

Later in May, The Federation of Danish Associations in Canada had their annual meeting in Vancouver, arranged by the Danish House Society, and we had the pleasure to welcome the participants to our church, first for breakfast, and later they joined us in the service.

In June we had Dansk Samvirke giving a presentation on the new Danish rules regarding dual citizenship, and the congregation had the opportunity to meet with Ambassador Niels Boel Andersen at the same time.

One of my neighbours was downsizing last summer and looked for a 'good home' for his electronic organ. This happened at exactly the same time we were looking for options to replace our own electronic organ which has served us well since 1986, but now had seen better days. Janet Mowatt and Steen Larsen inspected it and tried it out, and they found that it would fulfill our needs more than adequately. So here again we were very fortunate.

In August DSUK held its Americas Conference here in Vancouver. Our planning committee, headed by Knud Nielsen with Ingelise Nielsen and Birgitte Saltorp as members, had since 2014 been coordinating this event with Granly. A lot of work went into this, and on behalf of the congregation I wish to thank Knud, Ingelise and Birgitte for all the efforts that went into this to make it a success. I know from comments made from the participants, that they really appreciated the arrangements.

This conference which takes place every 3 years, gave me an opportunity to meet representatives of the other 4 Danish congregations in Canada outside BC, plus 3 from Argentina, and one from California. It was 3 good days to be together, and learn from all the participants.

We had two volunteers from Denmark at different times last year. Line Guld Pedersen and Ole Mark, and it was a pleasure to have them around. As well as the obvious benefit of having an extra pair of hands to help us in the Church activities.

We have had many activities going on at the Church during the year, put on by many many volunteers, without whom the church could not function. I won't mention any names as there are too many to thank individually, but thank you all very much.

I do wish to direct a special thank you to the group of people who look after the Sunday service. The bell ringers, the Deacons, the flag raisers and those who prepare the coffee. These are all important functions, which we maybe often take for granted, but if nobody does it, I can tell you that they will be missed for sure. So thank you again.

Also thank you to Pastor Birgitte, who has been giving us good guidance for another year, as well as tending to congregations on Vancouver Island and in Seattle.

Finally thank you to my fellow Board members who made it easy for me to join the board last year. We had 11 Board Meetings during the year, and I wish to thank the Board for their hard work and dedication to our church, and I look forward to working with you next year.

Jørgen Rohweder, President.