The President’s Report, 2017

Jørgen Rohweder Another year has gone and it is time to reflect on what happened.

At the Spring work party all hands were on deck to make the preparations for the planned extension of the Memorial Walk. After that Poul Erik Rasmussen got to work, and a very attractive extension was completed, expanding the Walk by an additional 16 spots. Thank you Poul Erik.

The parking lot was resurfaced in May, which I think very nicely complements the church building. As part of our ongoing maintenance programme we had our pews repainted in late July/early August, with a very pleasing result. Towards the end of the year we finished clearing out the ivy between the church and Carl Mortensen Manor, and new trees and rocks have been put there instead. I think it looks great. We also acquired a defibrillator, which is now located outside the church hall downstairs.

In June we had our Parking Lot Sale, which really helped us clear out quite a few things.

In July we received an inheritance from the estate of the late Ruth Pedersen for an amount of $125 000, which amount we have put into our Inheritance/gift fund. We are very fortunate indeed.

In the fall we welcomed our latest volunteer, Matilde Pedersen, who helped out working in the church. It was nice to have a volunteer again.

I would like to thank Tina Taylor, Ingelise Nielsen, Steen Larsen, and Jørgen Grønfeldt, who are all leaving the board after 4 years of service. I would also like to say ‘thank you’ to all the Board members for their hard work and dedication. Thank you to Pastor Birgitte for your sermons and your dedication to the Church, and in particular for the great work you have put in telling us about the Reformation. And finally a big Thank You to all of you who are volunteering at our church, keeping it going.

Thank you

Jørgen Rohweder, President.