The Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver, B.C.

Baby/Toddler Group

As a new initiative the church wants to invite the youngest churchgoers and their parents (even parents to-be) to our new Baby-/Toddler Group. As a start we will try to meet on the third Tuesday of each month starting from Oct.

The idea for this group is to make a cozy and save environment were new parents and parents to-be can come to meet and talk about – not only all the happy emotions and expectations one has welcoming a new baby into one’s family – but also the fears and the hard work it is.

For the babies and toddlers, we will roll out different motoric toys for them to play with.

In general, the group meetings will be informal, and coffee and tea will be served. But if the participants wish for it, we can also organize different special activities. As examples we could invite a midwife to come and talk about birth-giving, a nurse to come and talk about the post pregnant body or breastfeeding, or a musician to entertain the babies and toddlers.

We look forward to seeing you. For more information and registration contact

Admission by freewill donation.