The Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver, B.C.


At baptism, we thank God for our child, and we ask God to be with her or him throughout life. In the sacrament of baptism, a child is blessed and given God’s promise that he will always follow the child as his own, with his love and blessing. 

At most baptisms, the baptismal candidate is often an infant or small child. This illustrates our belief that we are totally dependent on God as children are dependent on those who care for them.   But that doesn’t mean as a teen or an adult, you can’t receive God’s love and blessing.  You too are welcome to participate in the sacrament of baptism. 

Contacting the Pastor ​

If you want your child or yourself to be baptised into the Christian faith, please contact the church office to arrange a meeting with the pastor.   Together you will set a date for further conversation and one for baptism. 

You do not need to be a Dane or have family ties to our church to be baptised here. The baptism ritual is usually part of a Sunday Service; most baptisms are in English even if the rest of the service happens to be in Danish. 


Before the baptism, our pastor will meet with you, preferably both parents if it is a baptism of a child. You will discuss the practical details surrounding the baptism and walk through the baptismal ritual so you know when to do or say what.  

You choose two to five godparents (also known as sponsors).  At least two of the godparents must be present at the baptism. All godparents must be baptized in the Christian faith by a church recognized by the Folkekirken.  If in doubt, talk to the pastor.  Godparents do not have any legal rights or responsibilities, but the sponsors, whether the baptismal candidate is infant or older, should remember to pray for their God-child.


You will receive a Baptismal Certificate for your child. The certificate is needed in case your child wants to become a voting member of another Canadian church or if (s)he sets up residence in Denmark and wants to join the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark (Folkekirken). In Denmark a Baptismal Certificate (Fødsels- og Dåbsattest) serves as a document of identification; in Canada your certificate has no such status. 

We do not charge a fee for baptism, but donations are always welcome. A collection basket will be passed around during the service after the sermon. 

Interested in a Baptism?

If you or your child would like us to help host your baptism ceremony, please contact the church office.