The Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver, B.C.


Confirmation is a learning experience.  When, as a small child, you were baptized, your God parents answered, on your behalf, your acceptance to be baptized in the Lutheran Faith.  When you get confirmed, you answer on your own behalf, reaffirming your Lutheran Faith.   

When you are at least 13 years old, and have been baptized in the Christian faith, you are welcome to come to confirmation class.  We do not charge a fee for your confirmation. Donations are always welcome.


Usually in September, the Church holds an orientation meeting for any young person who wishes to be confirmed.  There is either an announcement in the Kirkeblad or you  can contact the Church office to find out when the meeting will be held.  If you have a Baptismal Certificate, please bring it to the orientation meeting. If you were never baptised, we can of course arrange a baptism. 

For about nine months before Confirmation day, you will attend confirmation classes.  

In confirmation class, the pastor will teach you and the other confirmands about your faith. You will (eventually) memorise the Lord’s Prayer and the Creed. You will learn about the many symbols and rituals we use and how they all fit together. You will go on field trips and have some fun.  You will learn about God’s love for you and all people, and hopefully, you will see why coming to church on Sunday morning is worthwhile. 

As a confirmand, you will participate in the occasional Sunday service by, perhaps, reading the opening or closing prayer or perhaps help with the collection.  We usually ask that you give out carnations on Mothers’ Day.  You may also be asked to help out at the Fall Bazaar or the Spring Tea and Bake sale – of course you will get to have a sandwich and a piece of lagkage for your efforts.   


Confirmation Sunday is (usually) the Sunday before Victoria Day in May.  You can get dressed up in your fancy clothes or wear something a little more personal, like a Folkedragt.

You and the other confirmands will say the Creed together. The pastor will ask you if you believe in God, you’ll say I do, and the pastor will bless you. Then you will say the Bible verses you have chosen for yourself—or maybe the pastor has chosen for you. These few lines of Scripture become surprisingly meaningful for many of us after some years.