The Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver, B.C., and Danish Lutheran Church Granly has published the…

Best of Danish Heritage Cookbook and more

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Egg and tomato Roast pork Salami Smoked salmon Filet of sole Veterinarian's midnight snack Cheese Lever pâté Rolled pork Ham and Italian salad Roast beef Shrimp Marinated herring and fried pickled herring Marinated herring Fried pickled herring Patty shells with fillings Beef tritip roast with red wine sauce Mock rabbit and apples with red currant Frikadeller with read cabbage Pork roast with crackling, caramel potatoes, apples with red currant jelly, red cabbage, cucumber salad and gravy Fried side pork with parsley sauce Vanilla mousse with strawberry sauce Rice porridge Ris à l’amande Chocolate ice cream cake with hazelnut crust Coffee buns Clockwise from the top: Sunday cake from the parsonage, Danish layer cake, hemp cookies, and French waffles Beer cake and honey cake Picnic cake Chocolate biscuit cake Danish puff pastry Clockwise from the top: Chocolate layer cake, coconut cookies, kisses, and oatmeal biscuits Rye bread layer cake Raspberry meringue squares Kransekage Cinnamon cookies, Danish shortbread, spice cookies, vanilla rings, klejner, and marzipan fingers Hazelnut cookies and almond slices Coconut balls Creamy toffee Cognac truffles White truffles Marzipan mini loaves Burnt almonds in chocolate Napoleon’s hats Orange sticks Pink marzipan hearts Swiss mints Honey bombs Chocolate ice Marshmallow goodies Advent calendar cake

To order a cookbook, please contact

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Telephone: 604.298.6112