The Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver, B.C.

Cultural Family Coordinator - Camilla Sofie Ejsing

Camilla is our Cultural Family Coordinator (CFC).

She brings new activities to the church and activities for all generations. The goal is that the activities should be able to be run by volunteers within a few of years. It has been possible for the church to hire this CFC due to the generous donation from Granly.

You can contact her at

CFC Activities

For the youngsters (and their parents) the CFC will establish a Baby/Toddler Group. The plan is for the group to meet on the third Tuesday of each month starting from October.
Special activities will be planned for each meeting. Initially the CFC will work to develop these activities based on the needs of those who participate. Groups like this have been a huge success in other Danish churches around Canada.

For the bit older youth, you might want to bring them to the Family Services. There will be six of these a year. These services will be geared toward a shorter service followed by activities downstairs for youth to participate in. For something new, you might also want to have them participate in our Mini Confirmation. Twice a year we will schedule six biweekly classes where the kids will learn about Danish church and culture. Each class will contain a creative activity as well as a service with singing.

Reaching the age for confirmation we – as always – invite teenagers for confirmation classes. However for teenagers, we will be starting a Youth Club in the church. The group is planned to meet on the 4th Thursday of the month and the activities will differ depending on the season and what the participants want to do.

For all generations, we are planning four modern services a year on Friday evenings. We call it Night Church. During Night Church, the church will be open for a few hours and be decorated to give the room a specific atmosphere. Each Night Church will consist of a service. The service might be a Sing Along Service where hymns are replaced with songs of a certain artist such as Gordon Lightfoot. The service might also be meditative in nature. During the first year we will try various types of services to see what interests people the most.
Lastly, the church will start offering Yoga classes. As a meditative form of exercise, yoga helps people grow in various ways. Classes are planned to be held on Wednesdays. There will be two different levels of classes offered.