Frikadelle Competition at the Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver, B.C.

Every year, we compete for the coveted Gerda Jensen Award, named after the winner of our very first Frikadelle Competition. If you intend to participate as a competitor or diner, please contact Torsten by e-mail or at 604.255.3403 to help him organise the event.

The judges doing their job The judges doing their job and the winner is... The judges Eating Many kinds of frikadeller

The Judges’ Comments, 2010

It was such a privilege to be part of the judging panel of the First Annual Frikadelle Competition at the Danish Church! There were many creative and tasty entries—I must say that choosing a winner was not an easy task among so many competent culinary achievements! The frikadeller were judged on their merits within texture, taste and presentation, and the three winners were really outstanding–here are some comments from a judges perspective on the winners.

3rd place, by Karina Thomas
Karina’s frikadeller really scored high on taste in particular with all three judges awarding four out of five points for taste. A good, modern/traditional frikadelle fried to perfection!
2nd place, by Niels Andersen
These exceptionally large frikadeller stood out with a firm texture and beautiful crust. The taste was fulfilling but not too heavy—all in all a very good entry from Niels and a well-deserved 2nd place!
1st place, by Gerda Jensen
Two out of three judges awarded five stars for taste on these sublime frikadeller—high quality Danish fare, juicy and springy texture, lovely golden brown. A true mastery of traditional frikadeller.

Thanks for the experience and I certainly hope the event is repeated next year!

The judges doing their job