The Advent and Lucia Party at the Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver, B.C.

The girls walk in with their candles Serene beauty: the girls enter in procession with their white gowns and candles. At the front of the church they enthrall us singing Christmas hymns and carols. Christmas is still weeks away but the Christmas spirit has arrived with the hope of peace and good will towards men.

The legend about Saint Lucia is anything but serene: threats of forced marriage or prostitution, gorging out of eyes, stabbing. One wonders how a Sicilian saint came to be celebrated in (first Sweden, then the rest of) Scandinavia.

After the concert, we go downstairs for coffee, tea, cake, and cookies. The girls entertain singing Christmas songs dressed as nisser. Nisse is untranslatable, gnome comes closest. How these pagan house gods came to be harbingers of Christmas is yet another mystery.

If you have a daughter old enough that you would trust her with a candle and young enough to be interested, we would be delighted to have her join the Lucia girls. Rehearsals usually begin in October and are announced in Kirkebladet, in our calendar, and on the Families Mailing list. In addition to the The Advent and Lucia Party in our church, the Lucia girls usually also perform at Dania Home and at the Scandinavian Centre. Please contact the if you need more information.

The girls walk in with their candles The girls walk in with their candles The girls sing for the congregation Downstairs we're entertained by 'nisser' A festive crowd in the Church Hall A discussion during rehearsals Girls getting ready, setting hair Getting the food ready in the kitchen The girls walking onto the stage at the front of the Sanctuary The girls with their candles on the stage Girl with electric candle Girls with electric candles A long row of Lucia girls in the Church Hall A festive crowd in the Church Hall The 'nisser' getting ready 'Nisser' on the stage downstairs 'Nisser' on the stage downstairs Christmas ornaments in the Craft Shop Home cooking in the Craft Shop