The Christmas Party

A Family Service. The Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver, B.C., usually has a Christmas Tree Party sometime in December. The date is announced in Kirkebladet, in our calendar, and on the Families Mailing list.

We begin with a family service in English. We sing some more of the familiar Christmas hymns and the pastor reminds us yet again about why we celebrate Christmas.

Dancing around the tree. Then we go downstairs to the other Christmas tree. Young and old dance, or walk, around the tree singing Christmas songs in both English and Danish.

Dancing around the christmas tree Dancing around the christmas tree Dancing around the tree. Dancing around the tree. Santa.

We expect a visit from Santa. He brings goody bags for the children and a photo op for anybody. And of course we have coffee, tea, juice, cake, and cookies.

Bro, bro, brille. When Santa has left we continue playing the traditional Danish children’s games like Jeg gik mig over sø og land, Så går vi rundt om en enebærbusk, and Bro, bro, brille.

heart baskets