The Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver, B.C.

„Fædrenes Kirke“ Fædrenes tro, hvor I bo,
er slægtens dyreste eje.


For den Danske Kirke i Vancouver, B.C.


If you have lost contact with friends or family that have immigrated to British Columbia, Canada, the Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver is happy to help you re-establish contact.

The Phone Book

First you may want to search the telephone book. Even if there are columns of the name you are looking for in a Danish phone book, there may be only a few in a Canadian phone book. For example, there are two Mogens Hansens in the phone book for Greater Vancouver.

Canadian phone books do not use the letters æ, ø, and å; if necessary, replace æ by ae, ø by o or oe, and å by a or aa.

Try to search for just the family name since some Danes do not use their Danish given name, for example Jørgen may call himself Jack.

Church Registry

If you have a specific year and specific names, we can check in our Church Registry if your family members or friends were baptised, confirmed, or married in our church, or if they were buried from our church. Our records go back to around 1937.

Note that we cannot give private information like this to third party unless the relevant persons have been dead for at least 20 years.

Search Ad

If the phone book doesn’t help, your best bet is to advertise in our newsletter. For example an ad like this:

Jens Hansen is looking for his uncle,

Svend Haraldsen

who emigrated with his wife Gunhild and their son Knud from Christiansgade, Frederikshavn, to Vancouver in 1963.

If you can help Jens, please contact him at or the office at 604.298.6112.

Please send your ad to . We charge $20 for such an ad.

Further Help

If an ad in Kirkebladet does not give any new leads, the next step would be to contact

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