Typical Revenue and Expenses of the Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver, B.C.

Our revenue and expenses are described in text below.

Your donations make up about 58% of our revenue. Events like the Fall Bazaar and the Spring Dinner raise another 17%. Our lotteries and grants from the Gaming Commission bring in about 12%. Advertising in our newsletter earns about 5%. Membership fees, sale of cookbooks and hymnals, and miscellaneous other sources make up the rest.

About 61% of our expenses go to salaries. Fixed expenses like heat, light, water, taxes, insurance, and the accountant make up another 11%. The office costs about 4%, repair and maintenance of our buildings about 3%, and the lottery about 2%. We spend about 7% on printing and mailing our newsletter. We set aside about 3% for future repairs to our buildings and for the expenses associated with changing pastor. We spend about 2% of our expenses on in-house programmes like the Youth Choir, another 2% on outreach, and miscellaneous expenses make up the balance.