The Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver, B.C.

Scholarship - Granly Legacy Fund

The Granly Legacy Fund awards scholarships to further vocational or academic full-time or part-time studies. 

There are five scholarships at $5,000 and five scholarships at $2,500.

The funds will be issued to the institutions the students will attend in the middle of August.

Preference will be given to an applicant with a connection to one of the local Danish churches (Granly Danish Lutheran Church or The Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver) and/or having a Danish background through parent or grandparent.

Applications must be received by June 1, 2024 and should include:

1. Granly Legacy Fund application form.
2. Cover letter – Explain the Danish church and/or Danish family connection oulining as well your chosen line of future study. A maximum of two pages, typed.
3. Resume – Tell us about your education so far and also any awards that you may have received. Include general information about your work experiences, interests and community/volunteer experiences.
4. A transcript of latest marks from your current place of study – high school or other educational institution.
5. The applicant should provide one written reference from high school or college or university administrator (teacher, instructor) and one written reference from employer or volunteer supervisor. Should be current, dated and signed.
6. The application should be in pdf format and emailed to The Danish Lutheran Church:


  1. Granly Legacy Fund – Application requirements
  2. Granly Legacy Fund Application Form
  3. History of Granly

The Selection Committee may request copies of originals, check documents for authenticity, and contact references.

The Selection Committee reserves the right to decline awarding a scholarship if there are no suitable applicants for the award.
The successful applicants and a guest will be invited to the Fall Dinner at the Danish Lutheran Church, Burnaby BC, in September.