Baptism of Teens and Adults at the Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver, B.C.

The Baptismal Font The sacrament of Baptism marks a person’s admission into God’s Holy Universal Church. In baptism you receive God as your heavenly father: you can pray Our Father, who art in Heaven…; you receive Jesus Christ as saviour: when Christ died on the cross and was resurrected, He took away also your sins; you receive the Holy Spirit who will guide you through your life; and you receive God’s promise of life eternal with Him.

Contacting the pastor

If you would like to be baptised, please, contact our pastor: or 604.525.9894. Together you will set a date for further conversation and one for baptism.

You do not need to be a Dane or have family ties to our church to be baptised here. Baptism can be part of a Sunday Service, or we can arrange a separate Baptism Service immediately following a Sunday Service or on a Saturday. Most baptisms are in English even if the rest of the service happens to be in Danish.

Meeting the pastor

Before the baptism, our pastor will meet with you. You will discuss the practical details surrounding the baptism and walk through the baptismal ritual so you know when to do or say what.

You will also discuss the significance of being baptised; the opening paragraph on this page may well need some explaining. How much time you and our pastor will spend talking about the Christian Faith depends on who you are: are you a regular in our church who just never got baptised, or are you converting from another denomination or another faith? We would very much like to help you in your journey of growing in the Christian Faith.


You need two to five witnesses (or sponsors). You honour the witnesses with the responsibility of being involved in your Christian journey, and they must therefore be baptised Christians.

Witnesses do not have any legal rights or responsibilities, but they should remember to pray for their God-child.

The baptismal service

You are welcome to have your family and friends take pictures or video tape during the service. Pictures can be taken from the pews, standing by the piano or the pulpit, or kneeling in the middle aisle. You may use flash light. Pictures can also be taken from the choir loft but the light is difficult from up there, and please do not disturb the organist. Please remind your photographers that they, too, are attending a church service.


We will issue a Baptismal Certificate for you. You will need your certificate in case you want to become a voting member of another Canadian church or if you set up residence in Denmark and want to join the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark (Folkekirken). In Denmark a Baptismal Certificate (Fødsels- og Dåbsattest) serves as a document of identification; in Canada your certificate has no such status.


We do not charge a fee for baptism. Donations are always welcome.