Memorial Walk at the Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver, B.C.

Our Barrow and Memorial Walk In extension of the barrow and dolmen on the front lawn, we have built a memorial walk where you may put up a plaque in memory of a deceased family member or any other person. For example, you may want to have a plaque in memory of one whose ashes have been scattered under our dolmen or in memory of family members buried overseas. If you would like to have a plaque installed, please contact the at 604.298.6112.

If you eventually would like to have a plaque put up for yourself, please leave instructions to that effect in your will or in a letter to those who will arrange your funeral.

A sketch of the plaque
Click on the image above to print a full-size drawing of the plaque.

We provide the cast bronze plaque which is decorated with a cross, the Canadian and Danish flags, a marguerite and a dogwood. The marguerite (or daisy) has come to symbolise Denmark through H.M. Queen Margrethe. The dogwood is the provincial flower of British Columbia.

The plaque has ample room for inscription. You can have any appropriate text engraved, for example name, date of birth, and date of death for two people. You may take the plaque to the engraver yourself and discuss text, font styles, and font sizes directly with him or her, or we can have the plaque engraved for you, in which case we’ll pass the engraver’s bill to you. If desired, the plaque can be unmounted and more text added at a later date.

When the plaque is ready, we will place it along the Memorial Walk. The plaque remains your property.

Our Memorial Walk

You are welcome to leave flowers and wreaths by the plaque. We have a few vases which you are welcome to borrow for your flowers, or you may purchase your own vases. Those taking care of our grounds will remove flowers etc. at their convenience. You may plant tulips or daffodils by the plaque; if you want to plant anything else, please first contact the office; plants taller than 18 inches will not be permitted.

We expect a donation of $1500 per plaque for the Memorial Walk, including scattering of ashes (if desired). A additional donation of $300 every five years helps us maintain our Memorial Walk.

Two plaques placed by the Memorial Walk