The Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver, B.C.

Yoga Classes - Spring Session

During the fall we started having yoga classes in the church. Since it has been a great success, we will continue to have classes in the spring. We believe that – as a meditative form of exercise – yoga can help you grow both spiritually and physically. The church is happy that it can offer this to those of you who want to pursue this spiritual expression.

Yoga classes will be offered from February  21 2024 on two levels for twelve consecutive Wednesdays:

  1. Sitting yoga at 11 AM
  2. Hatha yoga at 5.30 PM

Each class will last an hour, and you must bring your own mat for the hatha yoga classes.

The deadline for registration is February 1 2024.

Please write which level of yoga you are interested in. Admission is by free-will donation.

For more information and registration contact Camilla: